Design notes: MacOS

Bharat Kalluri / 2021-02-28

MacOS is probably one of the most well designed operating system in existence. There are a lot of design choices apple made which I like. This is an attempt to document all those.

  • Like the idea of having the first workspace as a space of all un-classified windows (like spotify and telegram). These are windows where concrete work does not happen. You keep switching back and forth, but this is not the "work space". Whenever you decide to work on a window (say firefox or web storm etc..) it maximizes and moves to a different workspace. There are no distractions here, just the window full screened. I like this philosophy of giving full attention to one window when working on it, with no distractions.
  • If you take some time to enter the password, help text for reset/forgot password shows up. Nice touch.
  • Books has a toggle-able setting to increase the sleep time of the screen to +10 minutes when books is open.
  • Consistent shortcuts, Command + , opens the preferences dialog everywhere.

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