Kedarkanth trek

Bharat Kalluri / 2019-04-10

Travel plan

We picked Himalayan high as our trekking company. The price of the trek was 6750 along with food and camping from Sankri to Sankri. We were asked to bring all the necessary trekking gear, although some of the more specialized equipment like gaiters, micro spikes and sleeping bag liners will be provided by them.

Step 1: Reach Dehradun

  • Can either directly reach Dehradun, or go to Delhi and then take a train to Dehradun.
  • These people usually arrange transport from Dehradun to sankri by a tempo traveller, which will cost around 1500 to and fro. This will start from the Dehradun railway station (Dehradun railway station and bus stand are close by too).
  • You can also take a bus from Dehradun to Sankri,although timings need to be clarified.

Step 2: Reach Sankri

  • Either take a bus or tempo and reach Sankri
  • They have a market which will be open till 7pm, these people will have almost all hiking equipments and much more.
  • The village looks beautiful, make sure you capture some morning shots. And walk around to acclimatize to the cold weather.



Step 3: Juda ka talab

  • From sankri,the first day of the trek will be towards Juda ka talab. This will give you a taste of what's going to come. Its pretty uphill with big steps, which will be more difficult If its raining.
  • The lake will look great in winters, but do not expect much in summers. Most hiking groups set up a camp here. Wait for the night sky,you will see a beautiful starry sky.

Step 4: Camp near the peak

  • After Juda ka talab, the next camp will be near the summit. Reaching here is comparatively easy and we found a lot of snow in this route.
  • The camp is located at a scenic location, you can see a good stretch of the Gharwal ranges.



Step 5: Summit

  • The start timing of the trek depends on each trek company. We started at 2am.
  • The ascent to the peak is monstrous. Its very steep and tiresome. The first checkpoint here is a Maggie point. The next ascent is the final push to the summit.
  • That's it, there will be a small temple of lord Shiva at the summit. You can see complete mountain ranges in all directions. It's worth the effort.



Other places to visit

Back home! On the way, if you happen to have time. You can visit

Kempty waterfalls

We personally did not visit this, but it is a nice place to visit once. It is a scenic waterfall with a pool to bathe in. It is on the way to Dehradun from Sankri.


One of the most popular hill stations and honeymoon spots. About 15 km from Kempty, this place holds a lot of viewpoints and shopping places. There are 2 major hotspots to visit in this place. One is called the Mussorie library, and the other is called the mall road. This is a place where you can find a lot of local shops with handwoven clothes. You could take a cycle for rent and roam around the whole place in a single day and see what piques your interest.

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