Project: Mail sanitizer

Bharat Kalluri / 2019-11-10

Project: Mail sanitizer
Every company/website wants your email Id these days, to "engage with their customers". Which most probably implies that they will spam your inbox with useless emails. And if you are like me, and will enroll on every website remotely interesting found on product hunt, Twitter or Reddit. Pretty soon there will be more than 5k emails in the inbox. Cleaning up an inbox is hard and will take time. But cleaning up is very important because there is a possibility of you losing important email in the noise. Apparently there are a couple of websites which help in doing this. Mail storm and are two such services which come to mind. But they have some limitations on the free versions. Mail storm charges somewhere between 50$ to 200$ per year for their pro service. I would never pay so much for that. Also there is a much bigger problem, *privacy*. was caught [stealing personal email data]( . I don't think it is wise to disclose all emails to any private entity (That is why all my personal email is on Protonmail, I believe they do a good job on the privacy front). Mail sanitizer was born out of this frustration. The idea is simple - Authenticate the user using Google auth - Get all the emails of the user and store them locally in a file - Scan through all the from fields and get a list of the mail sender's sorted by the count of emails they sent - Try to get an unsubscribe link from headers of the email - Present this data to the user, saying X has sent 400 emails, would you like to unsubscribe. And the second question would be, go you want to delete all these emails. Based on the answers we take the necessary actions. This should be a simple command line program which will heavily simplify mail cleanup. After some nice colors and emojis, we'll have a clean, useful and usable command line application. In the future, we might add - Support for other email providers - Having a web interface for more ease of use

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