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Bharat Kalluri / 2020-12-16

Open source software has been and will be a vital part of my life. It is just mind blowing how much of my life as a software engineer is dependent on open source software. I think it is important for people like me to understand and quantify this. So this is my little experiment.

This is an attempt to list down all the open source software I directly use. There are fundamental building blocks of software which these software inturn uses, and the open source software these blocks use and on and on... I don't think I can possibly make a complete list that way. I honestly don't think I will be doing justice with the current list itself, but its worth a shot anyways.

The open source software I directly rely on everyday

  • Elementary OS: The operating system I use on my work laptop. It is very important to note that Elementary OS is based of Ubuntu and Ubuntu is based off Debian. This also includes all the software they develop for their OS (files, app center, calender etc..)
  • Fedora: The operating system I run on my desktop
  • The GNOME suite of applications: Including but not limited to terminal, podcasts, nautilus (file manager) etc..
  • Firefox: The browser. Where most of my non coding time is spent.
  • VS code: The code editor. started spending a lot of time here once I started programming in typescript.
  • ZSH
  • Git
  • Tilix: The terminal
  • NVM(Node version manager)
  • GNU Coreutils
  • Docker
  • GNU Stow: A key piece in maintaining my dotfiles
  • FZF: A fuzzy finder for the terminal, use it everyday to search in ZSH history
  • Albert: A quick launcher for linux (I also occasionally use ULauncher)
  • Flatpak: The packing solution I prefer for installing desktop applications. Usually find applications through Flathub.
  • Bitwarden: The open source password manager
  • Victor Mono:: Monospace font I use for programming, check it out!

On the programming side of things

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Yarn: The package manager for the node ecosystem
  • Python
  • Golang
  • MongoDB
  • CSS: This is a spec and there are implementations, so firefox covers this, I guess..?
  • Tornado: A python web framework
  • NestJS: A nodejs batteries included web framework
  • NextJS: Almost all my frontend projects these days are using NextJS
  • React
  • Chakra UI: One of my favorite UI frameworks
  • Mongoose: The defacto library for connecting to mongo from TS/JS
  • Pino: Probably the fastest JSON logging library for nodejs
  • Prettier: Code formatting for TS/JS
  • ESLint: Linter for TS/JS
  • Jest: Testing library for TS/JS
  • MDX: Enhanced markdown! This is what is powering my blog posts and notes!
  • date-fns: Whenever I gotta deal with dem dates in JS/TS
  • pandas: For all kinds of data analysis in python
  • requests: For all HTTP communications in python
  • click: All my cli tools are written mostly in python using click
  • Black: Code formatting for python

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