Here is the tech and software I use to code, write and get work done in general.

Computer / Laptop / Hardware setup

  • 16" Macbook pro (from office)
  • Lenovo thinkpad T480 (personal laptop)
  • Logitech G300s Mouse
  • Corsair mechanical keyboard
  • Assembled system with Ryzen 5 3400g and RX580 (8GB)
  • AKG K52 over the ear headphones
  • QCY QS2 wireless earbuds

Software and Services

  • Firefox
  • Fedora
  • GNOME and corresponding default apps
  • VS Code for quick text editing
  • Jetbrain IDEs (WebStorm, PyCharm and GoLand)
  • Slack Desktop for office comms
  • Spotify Desktop for music (scrobbles to
  • LibreOffice
  • Bitwarden password manager
  • Raindrop for bookmark management
  • Github
  • Todoist for task tracking
  • Telegram and Whatsapp for messaging
Spotify album cover