Bharat Kalluri

Hi, I'm Bharat Kalluri 馃憢

Senior software engineer @ Refyne. This is my side of the internet where I explore fundamentals of computer science.

Popular writings

Why is a base 64 encoded file 33% larger than the original?

Understanding what is base64 encoding & how it works

May 9, 2022

Understanding indexing and cardinality for MongoDB

Understanding what is cardinality in mongoDB and how it impacts indexing in mongoDB

March 6, 2021

Understanding write concerns in MongoDB

Deep diving into the ideas behind consistency in a replicated system

April 24, 2022


Book: From scratch (WIP)

An ambitious project to build the webstack from scratch. Event loop chapter is done, DNS is next


Harmony is a command line application to sync shell history cross systems


Download music from Spotify with complete album art and metadata.


Travel back in time and get audio from the recent past. On demand. Runs completely locally.

Mail Sanitizer

A command line tool written in python to clear up your email & get rid of annoying subscriptions!

GTK Developer Handbook

GNOME desktop apps are great! This was my effort to write a short book explaining how to develop native GTK apps for linux


A native GNOME high res desktop wallpaper changer application, uses unsplash as a source for wallpapers.

Short Circuit

A developer scratchpad inspired by Boop(on mac). Now retired as boop has a native linux desktop client.

Albert Extensions

Albert is a quick launcher made for linux (similar to spotlight on mac). Albert did not seem to have a centralized repository of extensions, So I made it for myself!

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