How to write a custom ESLint rule in 19 lines of code

Static analysis is great, let's learn how to use it to better our code-bases

The story of the evolution of scheduled bulk jobs

Bulk jobs are nuanced and quintessential to every company. Here's how to get them right

Year in review - 2022

Highlights & reflections for 2022

Why is a base 64 encoded file 33% larger than the original?

Understanding what is base64 encoding & how it works

Understanding write concerns in MongoDB

Deep diving into the ideas behind consistency in a replicated system

ASDF - One version manager to manage Javascript, Python, Rust and more!

One version manager to rule them all!

Understanding captioning and subtitles

And implementing an SRT parser in python along the way!

Understanding indexing and cardinality for MongoDB

Understanding what is cardinality in mongoDB and how it impacts indexing in mongoDB

Understanding git hooks to automate your development workflow

Automate git devops using hooks

Auto muting when spotify plays an advertisement

A nifty hack to mute spotify whenever it plays an advert

Yet another implementation of Conway's game of life using p5.js

Exploring the beauty of Cellular automaton

Runtime data validation for typescript using io-ts

External data is unpredictable, Ensure data is always in the expected format using io-ts and typescript.

Understanding python decorators with step-by-step examples

Understanding decorators is tricky. Here's your step-by-step guide to understand how decorators work!

Understanding MongoDB's Object ID

Understanding celery for async task processing

Setting up a brand new MacBook for development

A step by step guide to setup your MacBook for supercharged python and nodejs development

Understanding interfaces in Go Language

Understanding interfaces and how they should be used using Golang

Theming firefox

Step by step guide on how to theme firefox browser.!

Create an Albert plugin using Python

Learn how to create plugins for albert by creating a weather plugin

Managing dotfiles using GNU Stow

Automate dotfile management on linux system's using GNU stow.

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