The case for articulation

Bharat Kalluri / 2023-04-18

A lot of people I know who I think are really smart suffer with one fundamental problem. The problem of articulating thought. And unfortunately, people from my community (computer science engineering) do not really take soft skills and the power of articulation seriously.

Drawing a technical analogy, communication is like bitrate between humans. Imagine you had a personal computer which had a mediocre CPU, no graphic card and a 720p monitor which is a couple of years old. And over time, you upgraded the CPU, bought the latest and greatest graphics card and got RGB for your CPU. If your monitor is still that old and sloppy 720p monitor, all of that upgrades do not translate.

A genius with no knowledge transmission skills is useless.

Its very idealistic to think about the lone genius who transformed fields and changed how humanity thought and functioned. More often than not, you'll need to work closely with other people of complementing personalities and achieve things together. If you cannot share your vision and ideas clearly, even people who want to help you cannot.

So spend time on getting your articulation skills better. Read more hard literature, watch content of thinkers who are good at dissecting and explaining ideas. Engage in complicated and hard discussions, be humble and appreciate when someone disagrees beautifully. Learn from them.

Hand crafted by Bharat Kalluri